Year: 2014

Episode 18 – Featuring Dr Mike Mandel

This week we welcome Dr Mike Mandel Adam interviews Dr Mike Mandel – Hypnosis in the news includes a major successful application of hypnosis and an ongoing legal issue featuring in a number of cases across the world – The professional

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Episode 17 – Featuring The English Sisters

This week we welcome The English Sisters Adam interviews The English Sisters – Hypnosis in the news includes one of the most sensationalist hypnosis stories ever and some of the most incredible perpetuation of hypnosis misconception – The professional discussion

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Episode 16 – Featuring Felix Economakis

This week we welcome Felix Economakis Adam interviews Felix Economakis- Hypnosis in the news includes one of the most controversial applications of hypnosis and marvellous success stories – The professional discussion explores Felix Economakis’ major work treating sufferers of Selective Eating

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Episode 15 – Featuring Steve Baxter

This week we welcome Steve Baxter Adam interviews Steve baxter- Hypnosis in the news includes some unusual applications of hypnosis and marvellous success stories – The professional discussion explores Steve baxter’s work with musicians who suffer from performance anxiety, and Steve

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Episode 14 – Featuring Lindsay Shepherd

This week we welcome Lindsay Shepherd Adam interviews Lindsay Shepherd – Hypnosis in the news includes some incredible success stories, but then Adam uses a naughty word for the first time on Hypnosis Weekly when responding to a science blogger –

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Episode 13 – Featuring Dr Brian Roet

This week we welcome Dr Brian Roet Adam interviews Dr Brian Roet – Hypnosis in the news includes football teams employing hypnosis and Adam makes a heartfelt plea to a lovely actress – This week’s discussion is about the use of

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Episode 12 – Featuring William Sichel

This week we welcome William Sichel A special edition! Focusing on hypnosis for running – Adam interviews multi world record holding ultra runner William Sichel and looks at his application of self-hypnosis and uncovers his psychological application when running and throughout

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Episode 11 – Featuring Christopher Green

This week we welcome Christopher Green Adam interviews Christopher Green, the Singing Hypnotist – News of the week has hypnosis being used for provocative headlines and Adam responds to an ‘Ask Doctor’ article – This week’s discussion explores the unique Singing

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Episode 10 – Featuring Larry and Cheryl Elman

This week we welcome Larry and Cheryl Elman Adam interviews son of Dave Elman, Col. Larry Elman and his wife Cheryl Elman, the founders of the Dave Elman Institute –   Hypnosis in the news covers one of the most incorrect

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Episode 9 – Featuring Anthony Jacquin

This week we welcome Anthony Jacquin Adam interviews Anthony Jacquin – A bumper edition – There are a couple of answers to mailbag questions – This week’s discussion examines the favourite practical techniques and strategies of Anthony Jacquin and then we

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Episode 8 – Featuring Roy Hunter

This week we welcome Roy Hunter Adam interviews Roy Hunter – Hypnosis in the news showcases a cringe-worthy demonstration indeed – Professional discussion with Roy Hunter about the use of regression in hypnotherapy – Adam outlines key critiques of regression model and

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Episode 7 – Featuring Gary Turner

This week we welcome Gary Turner Adam interviews Gary Turner – News of the week raises some challenging debate about the virtue of celebrity endorsement and high profile coverage – Professional discussion with Gary Turner about the use and effectiveness

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Episode 6 – Featuring Sean Michael Andrews

This week we welcome Sean Michael Andrews Adam interviews the World’s Fastest Hypnotist, Mr Sean Michael Andrews – This week’s hypnosis in the news includes archive articles that Adam believes are important ones, includes mention of the stroop effect and how

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Episode 5 – Featuring James Brown

This week we welcome James Brown Interview with James Brown – Hypnosis in the news features the Barbie wannabe, a film producer who had his cast hypnotised and some thoughts on hypnotic gastric bands – This week’s discussion with James Brown

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Episode 4 – Featuring Martin S Taylor

This week we welcome Martin S Taylor Interview with Martin S Taylor, and Adam gets to ask him about his involvement with those big Derren Brown shows – Hypnosis in the news sees Adam turn into the hypnotherapy police and turn

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Episode 3 – Featuring James Tripp

This week we welcome James Tripp Interview with James Tripp – News of the week includes some hypnosis championing in the media! – Discussion with James Tripp about Art vs Science in the field of hypnosis – Fact of the week

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Episode 2 – Featuring Kev Sheldrake

This week we welcome Kev Sheldrake Interview with Kev Sheldrake – News of the week including a story about a hypnotherapist that should not have made news of the week (Adam’s having a moan!) – Discussion with Kev about suggestibility –

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Episode 1 – Featuring Jørgen Rasmussen

This week we welcome Jørgen Rasmussen Debate between Jørgen and Adam about Social Cognitive Model vs Elements of State Theory – A Nordic Fact of the week too!  THE FOLLOWING ARE REFERRED TO WITHIN THIS PODCAST James Tripp interviewing Adam

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