Episode 14 – Featuring Lindsay Shepherd

This week we welcome Lindsay Shepherd

lindsay shepherd

Adam interviews Lindsay Shepherd – Hypnosis in the news includes some incredible success stories, but then Adam uses a naughty word for the first time on Hypnosis Weekly when responding to a science blogger – The professional discussion explores Lindsay Shepherd’s work with the super morbidly obese – The fact of the week, could be entitled the fact of the weak, you’ll see why.

References from this week’s episode:

Website of Lindsay Shepherd: http://www.lindsayshepherd.couk/
Lindsay on Twitter: @dorsethypnosis
The quote Lindsay shared from Clark L Hull was from ‘Hypnosis and Suggestibilty, An Experimental Approach’:
Chapter 12  Page 334 – Hypnosis Regarded as a Habit
“Clearly, Hypnotic susceptibility is greatly facilitated by practice. It is a remarkable and an interesting commentary on the tardy scientific development of hypnotism, that this striking and well know phenomenon aroused the experimental curiosity of no-one for at least 100 years”

Hypnosis in the news:

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6 comments on “Episode 14 – Featuring Lindsay Shepherd
  1. Richard Ingate says:

    Another great episode and great to hear Lindsay’s voice again. I couldn’t quite hear what she said about habit reversal that really worked. It sounded like trickle – something? It would be interesting to know.

    • Adam Eason says:

      I’ll see if I can direct Lindsay here to answer to your query Richard – and thanks for the continued support and feedback, very much appreciated!

      Best wishes, Adam.

  2. Hello Richard
    Good to hear from you, thank you for listening and your lovely comments. Habit Reversal is one of my favourite techniques. I refered to Trichotillomania, or Tric for short – it’s a long word! It’s hair pulling, some people pull out the hair on their head, others eyelashes or eyebrows, some do all of that. I use HR for many unwanted habits with good success. With Tric, it’s by far the most successful.

    My best wishes


  3. Richard Ingate says:

    Thanks Adam and Lindsay. I had got the wrong end of the stick. I thought the ‘trickle’word was a technique that Lindsay had used to facilitate habit reversal! Pulling out a client’s eyebrows to stop them smoking might be an interesting, if very short, career!

    • Richard Ingate says:

      I have just finished listening to the discussion about working with obesity. Really good stuff. I would certainly be interested in a day workshop, and I suspect many others would be too. Thanks, Richard

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