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Episode 88 – Featuring Daniel Ryan

Special Edition – Featuring Daniel Ryan Adam interviews this week’s guest, Daniel Ryan This week’s ‘Hypnosis in the news’ section asks why hypnotherapists seek out media coverage and examines whether it actually does much good for a hypnotherapy career. This

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Episode 66 – Featuring Sarah Swanton

Adam interviews Sarah Swanton Adam interviews Sarah Swanton There is a bumper ‘Hypnosis in the news’ section discussing and examining past life regression and hypnosis. The discussion of the week with Sarah examines the topic of therapist burnout and she

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Episode 8 – Featuring Roy Hunter

This week we welcome Roy Hunter Adam interviews Roy Hunter – Hypnosis in the news showcases a cringe-worthy demonstration indeed – Professional discussion with Roy Hunter about the use of regression in hypnotherapy – Adam outlines key critiques of regression model and

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