Month: September 2014

Episode 10 – Featuring Larry and Cheryl Elman

This week we welcome Larry and Cheryl Elman Adam interviews son of Dave Elman, Col. Larry Elman and his wife Cheryl Elman, the founders of the Dave Elman Institute –   Hypnosis in the news covers one of the most incorrect

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Episode 9 – Featuring Anthony Jacquin

This week we welcome Anthony Jacquin Adam interviews Anthony Jacquin – A bumper edition – There are a couple of answers to mailbag questions – This week’s discussion examines the favourite practical techniques and strategies of Anthony Jacquin and then we

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Episode 8 – Featuring Roy Hunter

This week we welcome Roy Hunter Adam interviews Roy Hunter – Hypnosis in the news showcases a cringe-worthy demonstration indeed – Professional discussion with Roy Hunter about the use of regression in hypnotherapy – Adam outlines key critiques of regression model and

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Episode 7 – Featuring Gary Turner

This week we welcome Gary Turner Adam interviews Gary Turner – News of the week raises some challenging debate about the virtue of celebrity endorsement and high profile coverage – Professional discussion with Gary Turner about the use and effectiveness

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