Episode 13 – Featuring Dr Brian Roet

This week we welcome Dr Brian Roet

Dr Brian Roet

Adam interviews Dr Brian Roet – Hypnosis in the news includes football teams employing hypnosis and Adam makes a heartfelt plea to a lovely actress – This week’s discussion is about the use of metaphor, symbolism and parts therapy with Dr Brian Roet – The fact of the week includes one of the field’s most important contributors and one of the world’s most famous novels of all time.

References from this week’s episode:

Website of Dr Brian Roet: http://www.brianroet.co.uk/
Title of Dr Brian Roet’s books:
  • Hypnosis: A Gateway to Better Health 
  • Understanding Hypnosis
  • The Confidence To Be Yourself: How to boost your self-esteem
  • Feelings: Exploring your inner emotions
  • A Safer Place To Cry

Hypnosis in the news:

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4 comments on “Episode 13 – Featuring Dr Brian Roet
  1. Jane southey says:

    Hello I am an Aussie living in the UK back visiting home and have been chatting to one of your patients from years back who recommends your work. I have a daughter in the UK with pots syndrome and ME following a bad bout of dengue fever and we are struggling with a range of healing techniques including Chinese herbs physio CBT and acupuncture. I am wondering if hypnotherapy would be useful for her. She is 23 and has had this condition for nearly 3 years. We have seen some improvement but she is still along way from being fully well. Any suggestions welcomed

  2. Thank you Adam for your very interesting and gifted interview with Brian Roet. I have read a number of Brian’s books and enjoyed them very much. I was introduced to these by one of my supervises. His glowing reports regarding Brian’s workshops alerted me to the hypnosis-weekly.com. too. I look forward to listening to more of your interviews in the future. I learnt self hypnosis in 1970’s for the birth of my youngest daughters and this experience inspired me to learn and study more. In 1980 I began my full time private practice which I am still enjoying 36 years later.Keep up your excellent work of sharing these wonderful messages.

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