Episode 1 – Featuring Jørgen Rasmussen

This week we welcome Jørgen Rasmussen

Debate between Jørgen and Adam about Social Cognitive Model vs Elements of State Theory – A Nordic Fact of the week too! 


James Tripp interviewing Adam about sociocognitive/cognitive behavioural perspective on hypnosis:

This week’s Hypnosis in the news: 

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6 comments on “Episode 1 – Featuring Jørgen Rasmussen
  1. Ray Statter says:

    Great first pod-cast Adam
    Very interesting in what you guys were saying about Dr John Sarno and pain, so I found these clips for anyone wanting to find out more.

    Dr. John Sarno interview on back pain part 1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwxPy4HVvLI
    Dr. John Sarno interview on back pain part 2 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUAh6peaLtI

  2. Derry Cooke says:

    Hi Adam,
    I’ve just started listening to your podcast and am loving the diversity of approaches your guests bring.
    A wee favour: any chance of the “James Tripp interviewing Adam” referred to in podcast 1 being made available as a downloadable file?
    cheers from New Zealand


    • Keith says:

      Hi Derry,
      I am replying on behalf of Adam Eason who is currently in London running a CBH course. The audio clip you are after was given to us by James Tripp, so is not ours to distribute as a download, but you might like to approach James Tripp directly from his website.
      I hope that helps Derry.
      Keith Watson

  3. Brian says:

    Amazing podcasts Adam,I am very grateful to you for so generously sharing your knowledge,passion and ideas!
    Thank you

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