Episode 12 – Featuring William Sichel

This week we welcome William Sichel

William Sitchel

A special edition! Focusing on hypnosis for running – Adam interviews multi world record holding ultra runner William Sichel and looks at his application of self-hypnosis and uncovers his psychological application when running and throughout recovery and preparation – Hypnosis in the news has some very high profile stories this week – Adam discusses why hypnosis is so relevant and useful and makes so much sense for runners – the fact of the week is actually a series of facts from research around a common theme this week, related to our special edition.

References from this week’s episode:

Website of William Sichel: http://www.williamsichel.co.uk/
Follow William at Facebook: facebook.com/WilliamSichelAthlete
Follow William on Twitter: twitter.com/williamsichel

Hypnosis in the news:

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