Month: August 2014

Episode 6 – Featuring Sean Michael Andrews

This week we welcome Sean Michael Andrews Adam interviews the World’s Fastest Hypnotist, Mr Sean Michael Andrews – This week’s hypnosis in the news includes archive articles that Adam believes are important ones, includes mention of the stroop effect and how

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Episode 5 – Featuring James Brown

This week we welcome James Brown Interview with James Brown – Hypnosis in the news features the Barbie wannabe, a film producer who had his cast hypnotised and some thoughts on hypnotic gastric bands – This week’s discussion with James Brown

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Episode 4 – Featuring Martin S Taylor

This week we welcome Martin S Taylor Interview with Martin S Taylor, and Adam gets to ask him about his involvement with those big Derren Brown shows – Hypnosis in the news sees Adam turn into the hypnotherapy police and turn

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Episode 3 – Featuring James Tripp

This week we welcome James Tripp Interview with James Tripp – News of the week includes some hypnosis championing in the media! – Discussion with James Tripp about Art vs Science in the field of hypnosis – Fact of the week

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Episode 2 – Featuring Kev Sheldrake

This week we welcome Kev Sheldrake Interview with Kev Sheldrake – News of the week including a story about a hypnotherapist that should not have made news of the week (Adam’s having a moan!) – Discussion with Kev about suggestibility –

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