Month: January 2015

Episode 21 – Featuring Bob Burns

This week we welcome Bob Burns Adam has a funny new competition and discusses how to break wind in an Ericksonian style! – Hypnosis in the news includes a story that highlights the chasm that exists between public perception of hypnosis

Episode 20 – Featuring Gemma Bailey

This week we welcome Gemma Bailey Adam responds to a flurry of letters regarding the same particular points! – Hypnosis in the news includes some sporting success stories – The professional discussion explores Gemma Bailey’s successful work using hypnotherapy and NLP

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Episode 19 – Featuring Terence Watts

This week we welcome Terence Watts Adam interviews Terence Watts – Hypnosis in the news includes a controversial application of hypnosis causing a storm in hypnosis forums – The professional discussion explores Terence’s latest BWRT approach to  therapy – The fact of

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