Episode 16 – Featuring Felix Economakis

This week we welcome Felix Economakis

Felix Economakis

Adam interviews Felix Economakis- Hypnosis in the news includes one of the most controversial applications of hypnosis and marvellous success stories – The professional discussion explores Felix Economakis’ major work treating sufferers of Selective Eating Disorder – The fact of the week refers to a Royal Commission by King Louis XVI.

References from this week’s episode:

One of Several Videos of Felix working with clients who suffer from SED (You can take the link to Felix’s YouTube channel which has many other such clips): Felix Economakis YouTube Channel

Hypnosis in the news:

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4 comments on “Episode 16 – Featuring Felix Economakis
  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the podcast with Felix this week. I will completely agree on focusing on client relationship, rapport, clarity, simplicity and responsibility.

  2. Penny Hawkins says:

    Working with someone with SED now so this is v helpful. Thank you

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