Episode 15 – Featuring Steve Baxter

This week we welcome Steve Baxter

Steve Baxter

Adam interviews Steve baxter- Hypnosis in the news includes some unusual applications of hypnosis and marvellous success stories – The professional discussion explores Steve baxter’s work with musicians who suffer from performance anxiety, and Steve and Adam are join by Rebecca Gilliver, Principal Cellist for the London Symphony Orchestra – The fact of the week seems to have slipped my mind…. Something to do with spontaneous amnesia.

References from this week’s episode:

Website of Steve Baxter:
Website of the Anglo European College Of Therapeutic Hypnosis, where Steve is Senior Lecturer:

Hypnosis in the news:

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2 comments on “Episode 15 – Featuring Steve Baxter
  1. Brian says:

    Another great Masterclass!
    Thanks you

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