Episode 17 – Featuring The English Sisters

This week we welcome The English Sisters

English Sisters

Adam interviews The English Sisters – Hypnosis in the news includes one of the most sensationalist hypnosis stories ever and some of the most incredible perpetuation of hypnosis misconception – The professional discussion explores The English Sisters’ work on stress management – The fact of the week refers to one of the most openly attacked theories of hypnosis.

References from this week’s episode:

The English Sisters:
Hypnotherapy For Stress Management: http://www.hypnoramblings.com/
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2 comments on “Episode 17 – Featuring The English Sisters
  1. Chris Hone says:

    Snazzy at approximately 3 minutes and 40 seconds

    • Adam Eason says:

      Well spotted Chris, and well spotted to those of you who also emailed, tweeted, Facebooked and messaged me about this. The word snazzy did indeed feature in this episode and we have a winner. Details will be included in next week’s edition of hypnosis weekly.

      Best wishes, Adam.

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