Month: March 2016

Episode 39 – Featuring Trevor Silvester

Adam interviews Trevor Silvester Adam interviews Trevor Silvester – Hypnosis in the news features a couple of stories about young people who really like eating chicken. An additional hypnosis story featuring a pop idol gets Adam excited for the wrong reasons. The discussion

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Episode 38 – Featuring Judy Rees

Adam interviews Judy Rees Adam discusses Clean Language with Judy and inadvertently becomes a clean language client during the podcast –  Hypnosis in the news features a single story that has caused Adam to froth at the mouth somewhat – The

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Episode 37 – Featuring Jørgen Rasmussen and Craig Galvin

Adam interviews Jørgen Rasmussen and Craig Galvin Special Edition of Hypnosis Weekly – Adam is joined by Jørgen Rasmussen and Craig Galvin each have a turn at leading a separate section, posing a question to the others and of course hypnosis

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Episode 36 – Featuring Sophie Fletcher

Adam interviews Sophie Fletcher Adam interviews Sophie Fletcher – Hypnosis in the news gets Adam frothing at the mouth by being used for eye witness testimony – Also features a school employing a hypnotherapist and pregnant women getting a birthing budget

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