Episode 2 – Featuring Kev Sheldrake

This week we welcome Kev Sheldrake

Interview with Kev Sheldrake – News of the week including a story about a hypnotherapist that should not have made news of the week (Adam’s having a moan!) – Discussion with Kev about suggestibility – Fact of the week is about some of the earliest documented research on suggestibility! 


The website of Head Hacking: http://headhacking.com/

Marcus Lewis gets a tattoo in Las Vegas using hypnosis

Kev wrote three in-depth hypnosis articles on Josh Houghton’s ‘Whats on my brain’ blog, the first of which is here, and there are links to the subsequent two articles (the third describes the AI model)

Hypnosis in the news articles: 

Hypnotherapist suing hospital 

The Hypnotist Bandit is making headlines 

Is hypnobirthing a load of old twaddle? 

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10 comments on “Episode 2 – Featuring Kev Sheldrake
  1. This site is new to me and I want to say how much I have enjoyed listening to these podcasts. What a great idea, Adam! I would be very interested to hear you talking to someone from a state theory background, perhaps someone like David Shepherd who (from what I can see) has taken the Tad James view of hypnosis quite exclusively.
    Best wishes,
    Richard Ingate

    • Adam Eason says:

      Thank you Richard. I am sure we’ll have no problem tracking down a strong state proponent for a good discussion in a future episode, so watch this space.

      Best wishes to you too, A.

  2. Jeff says:

    I always get a ton of value listening to Kev. Great conversation.

  3. John Jo Gill says:

    Met Kev in Derby Head Hacking 2013 what a guy in fact what a team. Being a hypnotist since 1970 I realised how much you could learn in two days. For some of the best Anthony Jacquin was fantastic and a pleasure to work with. The trilby connection excellent course.

  4. Will says:

    Great podcast! So interesting listening to these guys talking candidly about their influences, perceptions, definitions etc. I really enjoy Kev’s conceptual clarity in exploring and explaining things, makes for a very informative experience. Kudos to you too Adam for being well read, curious and passionate enough to lead a good interview. They really are terrific resources, and I thank you very much.

  5. Mark Williams says:

    What a shame. Loved the podcast

    • Adam Eason says:

      This episode with Kev was great and Kev is still as excellent as ever – though Head Hacking is no more, Kev and Anthony are both very much alive and kicking and can be found online.

      Delighted you enjoyed this episode Mark.

      Best wishes to you, Adam.

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