Episode 40 – Featuring Barry Thain

Adam interviews Barry Thain

Barry Thain

Adam interviews Barry Thain – Hypnosis in the news features a personal opinion piece by Adam that he shares with his usual seemingly rabid gusto – The discussion of the week with Barry examines hypnotherapy assessment and client intake process – The factoid of the week showcases two impressive studies that give great evidence for a particularly troubling set of issues.

References from this week’s episode:

The website of Barry Thain: http://www.mindsci-clinic.com/

Barry’s Clinical Hypnotism in Practice Seminar (CHiPS):  http://wwwmindsci-clinic.com/products/dvds/chips/

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5 comments on “Episode 40 – Featuring Barry Thain
  1. Brian says:

    Another amazingly interesting,informative podcast,these are like master classes!thanks Adam and Barry

  2. Kevin says:

    Fascinating interview with a very interesting hypnotherapist.

    Some great podcasts in this site, and top quality too, thanks Adam. I’ve only just discovered you and your work recently, I’m especially interested in self hypnosis which led me to discover your Youtube channel and your podcasts. Only thing I’m not so keen on is the intro music, to me it has a kind of unsettling jarring effect, maybe its the beat, maybe the effect is intentional? 🙂 But only a minor point, just personal taste, its not really that bad and its mercifully short and I can always skip over it!

    • Adam Eason says:

      Ok Kevin, maybe it’s all my misspent youth dancing at raves to drum and bass music, I find the music utterly enjoyable and lovely. Thank goodness it is “not really that bad”, I hope the remaining hours of high quality content continue to make up for it 😉

      With my very best wishes to you, Adam.

  3. Thank you very much for this inspiring input, Barry Thain and Adam Eason ! – Barry is brilliant, as always, and I always deeply enjoy it and learn from him so much. I especially always follow his “Treat the client, not the problem.”, as I think it simply ‘hit’s the point’. – I feel that I learn so much from his work, which he describes vividly, more than I could learn from books. I learn from watching his vids and reading or listening to his experiences; I do imagine everything in my mind whilst I read him or listen to him and that gives me certain clues and helps me too to set even more trust in my very own intuition when working with clients. I also agree that taking a case history and asking questions, intuitive too, is so very important and I like his “Listen with your heart.” – Great interview, very complex, highly recommended, thx again to both of you !!

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