Episode 39 – Featuring Trevor Silvester

Adam interviews Trevor Silvester

Trevor Silvester

Adam interviews Trevor Silvester – Hypnosis in the news features a couple of stories about young people who really like eating chicken. An additional hypnosis story featuring a pop idol gets Adam excited for the wrong reasons. The discussion of the week with Trevor examines Cognitive Hypnotherapy. The factoid of the week showcases an impressive study that featured in the Lancet.

References from this week’s episode:

The website of Trevor Silvester: http://www.trevorsilvester.com/

The Quest Institute: http://www.questinstitute.co.uk/

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2 comments on “Episode 39 – Featuring Trevor Silvester
  1. Mary Bowmer says:

    Hi Adam, just wanted to say how much I enjoy listening to your pod casts when I’m out doing my early morning walks. I have learned so much from you and your various guests and find myself plucking nuggets of gold from every episode which in turn I incorporate into my own life and my work. Just heard Trevor and loved every minute. I look forward to exercising more when I know I have an episode to tune into! You and your guests are so inspirational, motivational, often funny and a perfect start to the day. Thank you!

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