Episode 37 – Featuring Jørgen Rasmussen and Craig Galvin

Adam interviews Jørgen Rasmussen and Craig Galvin

Jørgen Rasmussen and Craig Galvin

Special Edition of Hypnosis Weekly – Adam is joined by Jørgen Rasmussen and Craig Galvin each have a turn at leading a separate section, posing a question to the others and of course hypnosis is debated and hypnotherapy discussed along with a great many other subjects – A bumper edition here.

References from this week’s episode:

The website of Jørgen Rasmussen: http://www.provocativehypnosis.com/
Craig’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/Craig_33
The personal website of Adam Eason: www.adam-eason.com
Adam’s Anglo European hypnotherapy Training College: aecollegeofhypnosis.uk
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