Episode 75 – Featuring Michael Perez

Adam interviews Michael Perez

Michael Perez

This week’s ‘Hypnosis in the news’ section is replaced by Adam discussing the differences between forms of meditation and self-hypnosis from a neuroscientific and phenomenological perspective.
This week’s professional discussion with Michael Perez discusses Michael’s own integrated, systemic approach to hypnosis as well as sharing modern understandings of cognition and neurological function within aspects of hypnotic practice and how we can discard 19th and 20th century frameworks when thinking about the different schools of hypnosis and much more besides.
The factoid of the week this week examines an impressive application of self-hypnosis for dealing with pain of persistent tension headaches.

References from this week’s episode:

The website of Michael Perez: http://michaelperezhypnosis.com/
Michael’s trainings: http://neuroncode.com/
Are self-hypnosis and meditation the same or different?:
Adam’s further discussion on mindfulness and hypnosis can be seen over at his Facebook hypnosis discussion group:

Evidence Based Fact of Week references:

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2 comments on “Episode 75 – Featuring Michael Perez
  1. Eric Geoffroy says:

    This episode is a gem. Just pondering two items in particular has kept my mind occupied for several days now.
    I contacted Michael to get the source info for the study involving dogs, scent patterns traced on the ground, and people. The Google results for those keywords is a needle in a haystack type affair, thankfully no porn though.
    Should anyone discover the source, please post it.

    If you haven’t listened to this episode, I recommend it as a different perspective with compelling arguments.

    • Adam Eason says:

      Thanks for the feedback Eric. I’m delighted you enjoyed the episode. I’ll whizz a message to Michael and see if he is able to help locate the paper you seek.

      Best wishes to you, Adam.

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