Episode 73 – Featuring Dr Janet Hall

Adam interviews Dr Janet Hall

dr janet hall

This week’s ‘Hypnosis in the news’ section covers a couple of harrowing high profile news stories and Adam discusses the way that hypnosis becomes guilty by association as a result of it’s portrayal.

This week’s professional discussion with Dr Janet Hall is all about hypnosis and sex therapy, a number of ways that hypnosis is used for sexual health issues are discussed along with an array of very special considerations, there is a lot to learn in here this week.

The factoid of the week this week examines the correlation between trust and hypnotisability.

References from this week’s episode:

The website of Dr Janet Hall: http://www.drjanethall.com.au

Dr Jan’s specialist website: http://www.sex-therapy.com.au

Hypnosis in the news references:

1. Sex-abuse charges against hypnotherapist raise concerns about safety of hypnosis

2. Methodist minister used hypnosis before sexually abusing boys, court hears

Evidence Based Fact of Week references:

The Short-Term Follow-Up Effects of Hypnobehavioural and Cognitive Behavioural Treatment for Bulimia Nervosa

You might also enjoy this paper by the study author, especially if you have an interest in eating disorders and using hypnosis to help with them – this full paper is available online

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