Episode 65 – Featuring Dr Birgit Zottmann

Adam interviews Dr Birgit Zottmann

Dr Birgit Zottmann

Adam interviews Dr Birgit Zottmann

Our regular Hypnosis in the news section is replaced this time around with a commentary piece recorded by UK Hypnosis Convention founder and friend of the show, Nick Ebdon, entitled ‘Keeping a Good Profession Down’.

The discussion of the week with Dr Birgit Zottmann examines the application of mindfulness within a hypnotherapists client work and includes some simple and illuminating exercises to engage in while you listen.

The factoid of the week manages to have a Valentine’s theme in that it relates to Heart Rate Variability and hypnosis.

References from this week’s episode:

Evidence Based Fact of Week:

Studies regarding whether hypnosis alters heart rate variability:
1. De Benedittis et al., (1994) Autonomic changes during hypnosis: a heart rate variability power spectrum analysis as a marker of sympathy-vagal balance. International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, 7: 342-345.
2. Ray et al., (2000) Cardiovascular reactivity during hypnosis and hypnotic susceptibility: three studies of heart rate variability. International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, 48: 22-31.
3. Sebastiani et al., (2005) Relaxation as a cognitive task. Archives Italiennes de Biologie, 143: 1-12.
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3 comments on “Episode 65 – Featuring Dr Birgit Zottmann
  1. Den Clare says:

    Very interesting programme today with Dr Zottmann. Thought it sounded as though she differed with you and was not for scientific research and evidence based hypnotherapy. That would have made an interesting further discussion as I know that’s where you come from.
    Also with her mindfulness and you listening to NO and YES it was interesting in the difference in tonality between the two words, also subtly in volume, as she spoke them! There is more to pain than just obesity!

    • Adam Eason says:

      Hello Den,
      I think that more of my guests so far have probably differed with me than agree with me in terms of my fundamental approach to research and evidence base within hypnotherapy. However, each episode is not about me or my stance, it is 100% about each guest and shining a spotlight upon that person and their approach. This podcast aims to celebrate the diversity.

      What’s more, I think it would be tough to get anyone to come and be a guest on the show if I started to get all ‘Paxman’ on them and challenged their approach in favour of supporting my own! 🙂

      I also appreciate your observations about the exercise and will share them with Birgit.

      My very best wishes to you Den, Adam.

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