Episode 59 – Featuring Caroline Dyson

Adam interviews Caroline Dyson

Caroline Dyson

Adam interviews Caroline Dyson – Hypnosis in the news features a couple of recent media stories, one so filled with myth and misconception that Adam develops a hernia while discussing it, the other has the most hilarious title of any article he has discussed here before –  The discussion of the week with Caroline Dyson explores her Hypnotherapy In Schools programme and Adam cannot contain his smiles while finding out all about it, he bets you’ll not be able to contain your smiles either – The factoid of the week showcases an impressive study that examines how self-hypnosis training among hospitalised individuals can effect diastolic blood pressure.

References from this week’s episode:

The website of Hypnotherapy in Schools: http://www.hypnotherapyinschools.co.uk/
The Website of Caroline Dyson: http://suttoncoldfieldhypnotherapy.co.uk/

Evidence Based Fact of Week:

Study  entitled “Pilot study of the effect of self-hypnosis on the medical management of essential hypertension” (1999) by Raskin et al., in the Stress and Health Journal
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