Episode 103 – Featuring Amye Scharlau

Episode 103 – Amye Scharlau

Adam Eason interviews Amye Scharlau and they discuss using hypnosis to help women going through the menopause.







Adam interviews this week’s guest, Amye Scharlau.

This week’s ‘Hypnosis in the News’  section is substituted for Adam talking about all those hypnotherapists who say “… as long as it works…”.

This week’s discussion with Amye Scharlau discusses her approach and in particular she talks about her work with women going through menopause and takes on much of the myth surrounding the topic.

The Factoid of the Week features another impressive met analysis Adam is keen to share.

References from this week’s episode:

This Weeks Guest Links:
  1. The website of Amye Scharlau.
  2. Train with Amye.
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2 comments on “Episode 103 – Featuring Amye Scharlau
  1. Eric says:

    Links to the meta-analysis:

    A unique guest making significant progress in hypnotherapy for women’s life changes. She could teach a course in this area.

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