Episode 99 – UKHC 2018 Special Edition

Episode 99 – Recorded Live at the 2018 UK Hypnosis Convention

Special edition of the hypnosis weekly podcast recorded lin front of a live audience at the 2018 UK Hypnosis Convention, featuring Freddy Jacquin, Jorgen Rasmussen, Kate Beaven-Marks, Fredric Mau and Alberto Dell'Isola.







Adam Eason hosts a live panel Q&A session at the UK Hypnosis Convention, with guests Jorgen Rasmussen, Fredric Mau, Kate Beaven-Marks, Alberto Dell’Isola and Freddy Jacquin.

This panel edition features questions submitted by members of the UK Hypnosis Convention Facebook group as well as audience members on the night. Cue lots of diversity, lots of expertise, much insight and a lot of fun

References from this week’s episode:

Go see the video version of this at Adam’s Hypnosis Geek YouTube channel:
  1. Adam Eason presents the Friday Night Panel Session Live at the 2018 UK Hypnosis Convention.
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