Episode 94 – Featuring Karen Puttick

Episode 94 – Karen Puttick

Karen Puttick interviewed by Adam Eason for episode 94 of the hypnosis weekly podcast.






Adam interviews this week’s guest, “the lovely” Karen Puttick.

This week’s ‘Hypnosis in the News’ causes Adam to discuss hypnotising animals!

Adam has a major competition with a prize of a ticket to all 3 days of this year’s UK Hypnosis Convention

This week’s discussion with Karen Puttick talks about her ‘Imaginators’ programme.

The Factoid of the Week features features fascinating research about using hypnosis as a testable model for understanding conversion hysteria.

References from this week’s episode:

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2 comments on “Episode 94 – Featuring Karen Puttick
  1. Jon Hale says:

    Really enjoyed the interview with Karen, and look forward to seeing both of your presentations in November at the convention. Liked the observation about straightening tie before meeting.

    With regard to the hypnotising shark story, was it about “mummy shark”?
    Do Do Do Do Do Do …

    I’ll get my coat.


    • Adam Eason says:

      Hahaha, thank you for starting me off with that song again… Should now only take a fortnight or so to be free of it in my head once again.

      Delighted you enjoyed this episode Jon, thanks for taking the time to write and say so.

      Best wishes, Adam.

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