Episode 81 – Featuring Garry Coles

Adam interviews Garry Coles

garry coles hypnosis weekly

This week’s ‘Hypnosis in the news’ section includes stories about criminal convictions being overturned due to hypnosis being involved in the eye witness testimony and some direct contact with Adam from the supporters of Charles Flores.

This week’s discussion with Garry Coles examines hypno-oncology and in what ways hypnotherapy can be used to help those people who have been diagnosed with cancer.

The fact of the week refers to a fascinating study that explored the use of self-hypnosis in advancing quality of life of those who had undergone coronary bypass surgery.

References from this week’s episode:

The Facebook Page of Garry Coles: https://www.facebook.com/ReleaseHypnotherapy/
The website of Garry Coles: www.releasehypnotherapy.com
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