Episode 78 – Special Edition – Heroes of Hypnosis – Émile Coué

Special Edition – Heroes of Hypnosis – Émile Coué

Émile Coué

First in a series of special edition episodes where former guests discuss their “Heroes of Hypnosis“.

Adam discusses the life’s work of Émile Coué – Conscious Autosuggestion is explained and how it contributes to the field of self-hypnosis as we know it.

Coué’s famous laws are discussed, as are his imagination experiments and his suggestion experiments – An episode for the hypnosis supergeeks.

Book references from this week’s episode:

1. Charles Baudouin’s “Suggestion & Autosuggestion” (1920).
2. The following books by Émile Coué himself:
Self-Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion (1922)
How to Practice Suggestion & Autosuggestion (1923)
My Method (1923)

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