Episode 63 – Featuring Claude Ribaux

Adam interviews Claude Ribaux

claude ribaux

Adam interviews Claude Ribaux

Hypnosis in the news features a few articles that really showcase hypnosis in heroic and proud fashion and Adam gets to share his guilty pleasure and love for a particular ‘sport’

The discussion of the week with Claude Ribaux explores the application of ‘active-alert hypnosis’ for a number of applications and how it differs from how hypnosis is conventionally perceived

The factoid of the week showcases an impressive study that examines how self-hypnosis training can be used to alter perceived control of pain.

References from this week’s episode:

The website of Claude Ribaux: https://www.clauderibaux.ch/en/
Claude’s web page explaining Active Alert Hypnosis: http://www.clauderibaux.ch/en/kurse/aktivwach-hypnose/
Techniques upon Memory of Scripts: Research Dissertation of Bunny Besley; The Effect of Relaxed and Alert Hypnosis Techniques Upon Memory of Scripts: http://www.hypnotherapy-colchester.com/effect-relaxed-alert-hypnosis-memory/

Hypnosis In The News References:

Evidence Based Fact of Week:

1. Study  entitled “Effects of self-hypnosis training and EMG biofeedback relaxation training on chronic pain in persons with spinal-cord injury ” (2009) by Mark Jensen and a number of others, in the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis.
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2 comments on “Episode 63 – Featuring Claude Ribaux
  1. Claude Ribaux says:

    Thank you Adam for the great interview!

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