Episode 61 – Featuring Ina Oostrom

Adam interviews Ina Oostrom

Ina Oostrom

Episode 61 – Adam interviews Ina Oostrom – The discussion of the week with Ina Oostrom explores the field of quantum physics and asks the question “what has quantum physics got to do with hypnosis?”

Hypnosis in the news features a couple of recent media success stories.
Adam raises a discussion point about how representative the media success stories are of the hypnotherapy field in general –
Adam’s family puppy tries to get herself featured in the podcast

The factoid of the week showcases an impressive study that examines how self-hypnosis training can be used to assist with one of the most painful medical procedures on the planet.

References from this week’s episode:

The website of Ina Oostrom:
The Hypnosis Gang Christmas Party Mannequin Challenge:

Hypnosis In The News References:

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