Episode 53 – Featuring Andrew Parr

Adam interviews Andrew Parr

Andrew Parr

Adam interviews Andrew Parr – Hypnosis in the news features a success story from one of Adam’s graduates, a resurrection of autogenic therapy and an alien abduction story Adam believes we need to read more of – The discussion of the week with Andrew Parr examines the use of clean language questions to uncover, assess and be employed therapeutically too – The factoid of the week showcases a study that examines self-hypnosis being used as a preparatory tool for childbirth.

References from this week’s episode:

The website of Andrew Parr’s hypnotherapy training: http://www.trainingforhypnotherapy.co.uk
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2 comments on “Episode 53 – Featuring Andrew Parr
  1. Linda Bromage says:

    very disappointed listening to the very nice but uninspiring hypnotherapist. Not much depth – to me, someone who has had a non academic training with no evidence of the theories and debates that inform research and therapy

    • Adam Eason says:

      I am sorry to read that Linda. All feedback is welcomed here, as are all stances, approaches and ways. I learned plenty from Andrew though his stance varies greatly from my own. I think his point about students and hypnotherapy clients finding who is the best fit for them is probably very true here.

      My very best wishes to you, Adam.

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