Episode 50 – Special Edition

Special Edition

special edition

A special 50th edition – The favourite hypnosis quotes and reasons behind them from James Tripp, Reg Blackwood, Helen Bremner, Steve Baxter, Nick Ebdon, The English Sisters, Lindsay Shepherd, Gary Turner, Paul Ramsay, Craig Galvin, Deborah Sims, Trevor Silvester, Glenn Goudie, Sean Michael Andrews, Kev Sheldrake, Barry Thain, Dan Jones, Lucy Hyde, Jorgen Rasmussen as well as Adam Eason.

Links to the websites of this episode’s contributors:

The English Sisters: http://www.englishsisters.com/
And last but not least…..
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4 comments on “Episode 50 – Special Edition
  1. Alain Issard says:

    Thanks for this 5Oth episode and also for the 49 previous one.
    My favorite quote is from Pierre Janet who wrote in his 1923 book
    “La médecine psychologique”: “the decline hypnotism [] is only a momentary accident in the history of psychotherapy”.
    Looking forward for the next 50 episodes !

  2. Eric Geoffroy says:

    I started on episode 1 this summer and have been diligently consuming my way through to 50. A hearty thank you for putting the time, effort, and care in producing these. I’m looking forward to the rest, but feel free to take more vacations, It helps me catch up.

    Congrats and Thank you!

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