Episode 46 – Featuring Nick Ebdon

NNick Ebdon

Adam interviews Nick Ebdon


Adam interviews Nick Ebdon – Hypnosis in the news features an article from a popular tabloid newspaper that perpetuates a great number of myths and misconceptions that Adam is keen to take issue with – Adam becomes a Hush FM DJ…. “and a Big Hello to all you truckers out there” – The discussion of the week with Nick Ebdon explores Nick Ebdon’s very ambitious project of putting on one of the biggest hypnosis conventions to have ever happened in the UK later this year – The factoid of the week showcases a pair of studies highlighting the effectiveness of hypnosis in pre-operative and preoperative surgery.

References from this week’s episode:

The website of Nick Ebdon: http://advancedhypnosis.co.uk/
The Website of the UK Hypnosis Convention: http://ukhypnosisconvention.co.uk/

Hypnosis In The News Reference

1. Could hypnotherapy cure YOUR food addiction? Quit sugar by just LISTENING to a tape

2. Read this thread at Adams Hypnosis Hub if you’d like to explore the notion of the unconscious mind in more depth, as Adam discusses in this episode:

Evidence Based Fact of Week:

1. The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis journal entry for this study ‘Pre- and perioperative suggestion in maxillofacial surgery: Effects on blood loss and recovery’ by Enqvist and colleagues (1994):
2. The same authors published an additional study the following year, 1995, entitled “Stress reduction, preoperative hypnosis and perioperative suggestion in maxillofacial surgery: Somatic responses and recovery” and featured in the Stress Medicine journal.
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