Episode 26 – Featuring Lucy Hyde

This week we welcome Lucy Hyde

Lucy Hyde

Adam interviews Lucy Hyde – Hypnosis in the news includes references to some actual correct science about hypnosis and some impressive on-going research being conducted at Baylor University – The professional discussion explores Lucy Hyde’s approach to coaching and how it can be integrated into a hypnotherapy practice – The fact of the week looks at one of Adam’s all-time hypnosis heroes – We also have a brand new competition with prizes and kudos up for grabs.

References from this week’s episode:

The website of Lucy Hyde: http://www.provokingcoaching.com/
Lucy’s email contact: lucy.hyde@rocketmail.com
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2 comments on “Episode 26 – Featuring Lucy Hyde
  1. Great Podcast Lucy & Adam. So with you Lucy for Brene Brown and all that she stands for in respect of shame, vulnerability and being your true self. I love that you are open and willing to ‘push and provoke’ your clients in a way that can be uncomfortable at times, in order that they can reach outstanding personal goals and Secret Dreams! Let’s keep doing things and thinking differently, becoming aware, questioning and moving forward. Great stuff hypno buddies x

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