Episode 24 – Featuring Eugen Popa

This week we welcome Eugen Popa

Eugen Popa

Adam interviews Eugen Popa – Hypnosis in the news includes a big discussion on the topic of ITV’s You’re Back In The Room TV show and Adam reviews an episode – The professional discussion explores a major hypnosis project of this week’s guest – The fact of the week examines the notion of spontaneous amnesia in hypnosis. What does the evidence tell us?

References from this week’s episode:

The official website of Eugen Popa: http://www.eugenpopa.com/
Mentors in hypnosis: https://mentorsinhypnosis.com/
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2 comments on “Episode 24 – Featuring Eugen Popa
  1. A great interview this week Adam. Eugen is charismatic, engaging and I love his mantra of “learn, grow, share.” It absolutes resonates with how I gain fulfilment in the work I do and the life I lead. I love that this field supports and encourages us to be at our very best. His explanation to suspend belief or even as you put it to suspend disbelief links to beliefs being merely that, and not facts. In our lives to suspend belief or disbelief is a great way to go forward and hypnosis can absolutely help us to do that whilst seeing what we want and need.

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