Episode 113 – Featuring Michael Beligiannis

Episode 113 – Michael Beligiannis

Adam interviews this week’s guest, Michael Beligiannis.

This week’s ‘Hypnosis in the News’ section features a story from a decade ago that bothered Adam then and now as he urges the hypnotherapy field to adopt a Michelle Obama quote.

This week’s professional discussion with guest Michael Beligiannis discusses a range of additional topics including how hard it is to shift biases, the perception of stage hypnosis by established authors, and Michael also cleverly starts interviewing Adam on a number of topics – This week’s hypnosis in the news section features a story from a while back about a ‘hypnotist thief’ that was popular in the media.

The Factoid of the week features a comprehensive study exploring the media’s reported ‘hypnotist thief’ stories spanning many decades and are analysed from a psychological standpoint.

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This Weeks Guest Links:
  1. The Website of Michael Beligiannis
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