Episode 111 – Featuring Donald Robertson

Episode 111 – Donald Robertson

Adam interviews this week’s guest, Donald Robertson.

This week’s ‘Hypnosis in the News’ section features a single media story that Adam  explains why he has been such an important influence upon Adam’s career.

This week’s discussion with with Donald Robertson is all about hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and talks about the therapeutic value of Stoicism – This week’s hypnosis in the news section is substituted for Adam discussing a topic he gets asked about a great deal; whether subliminal messaging actually works and if it is anything to do with hypnosis (spoiler: it doesn’t, and it hasn’t).

The Factoid of the Week features a study exploring hypnotically suggested sex change.

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2 comments on “Episode 111 – Featuring Donald Robertson
  1. Gary Blythe says:

    Hi Adam,
    That was a brilliant podcast episode. Really enjoyed listening to Donald Robertson, a knowledgeable and engaging individual sharing some great information. Thanks very much.

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