Episode 70 – Featuring Shawn Schweier

Adam interviews Shawn Schweier

Shawn Schweier

Adam interviews Shawn Schweier

In one the most important rants Adam has ever had, according to him, and instead of the regular ‘Hypnosis in the news’ section, Adam froths at the mouth about a topic he feels strongly about and addresses whether or not hypnotherapy training should be academic and the seeming trend in anti-intellectualism in the field.
This week’s professional discussion sheds light on the ways matching and pacing are used in coaching and therapy.
The factoid of the week this week examines the correlation between being mindful and hypnotisability.

References from this week’s episode:

The website of Shawn Schweier: http://altershift.com/

Hypnosis in the news references:

Adam’s debate references:
Here are the articles I was referring to, please do go and have a read, they expand on the points I make here and offer some clarity to my stance regarding anti-intellectualism in the field of hypnotherapy and the need for a depth of academic education in the field:
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